Calgary Distinctive Family
and Personal Portraits

Getting family and personal portraits is a great way to ‘bring back that time in your life.’

Often with iPhone or snapshot photos, one person is missing, or the camera is held at a funny angle get that person in, and there’s a lot of distraction in the background, or its fuzzy, or bad lighting. But, those photos are great for the memories.

However, a professionally taken portrait with great lighting, well coached poses – not the stiff, ugly poses of years ago, but natural and engaging poses – and properly retouched, creates fine images that you’ll be proud of for many years and can be displayed the way you would a painting.

A fine art portrait is a symbol of your love

Sharing your love with a fine portrait shows dramatically how you feel as well as the connections with your loved ones.

The images I create go way beyond what you may have experienced with photography before – from the relaxed and casual session to the way I can enhance the images, you’ll get an image that truly is fine art and deserves a space on your wall.

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